17 Seconds of James Heim in Chest Deep Pillows…

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James Heim is one of the best big mountain skiers around.  He doesn’t have much of a problem with pillows either.  

James grew up at Red Mountain, B.C.,  transplanted to Whistler, B.C., and has more than enough experience in powdery pillows.  The key to pillows is speed.  Without speed, the flat/uphill landings will stop you dead in your tracks, and you might not make it over some of the gaps between pillows.  Speed also make pillows freaky as every time you hit a pillow the snow explodes into your face effectively blinding you for the air your about to take.

If done properly you should only actually be able to see anything just moments before you land on each pillow. 

Not many do it as well as Heimer.

Props to our friend Mason Mashon for the killer shots.


Eric Hjorleifson Video of Crushing Pillows

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