2 Snowbike Riders Killed in Avalanche Near Vail, CO Yesterday

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Stock image of avalanche.

3 motorized snowbike riders were caught in an avalanche yesterday.

2 of the snowbikers passed away in the avalanche.

The avalanche was about 650-feet-wide and ran about 120-vertical-feet.

This was the 16th avalanche death of the season in the USA.

The USA averages 28 avalanche deaths per season.

PRELIMINARY: Three motorized snowbike riders were caught in an avalanche east of Red and White Mountain in Eagle County on Saturday February 15, 2020. One rider was partially buried and was able to extricate himself. The avalanche carried the other two riders into a gully in the drainage bottom. Avalanche debris piled up deeply and they were fully buried and killed. Search and Rescue volunteers recovered the bodies on February 16. The avalanche occurred on a northeast-facing below treeline slope, around 9800 feet in elevation. It was about 650 feet wide and ran about 120 vertical feet. The avalanche initiated in the old snow layers about three feet below the snow surface. It stepped down to a weak layer near the ground, about five feet deep. Our deepest condolences go out to the family, friends, and everyone affected by this accident.

  • CAIC, 2/15/20
image: CAIC
image: CAIC

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