28-Year-Old Climber Died On Mt. Adams, WA Over The Weekend After A 2,500ft Fall

Chris Wallner | ClimbingClimbing
Mt. Adams, WA. Image: Peggy Thompson

According to KGW, a 28-year-old climber died on Mt. Adams, WA on Sunday after falling about 2,500ft. Alexander Edward, of Hillsboro, OR, was climbing with two others when they noticed that he wasn’t with them anymore. They contacted rescue services as soon as they realized that he was missing.

Climbing Mt Adams, WA. Image: Yakima County Sheriff’s Office

The cause of the fall is unclear, but it was reported that he was caught in some sort of a slide.  Alexander fell from 11,000ft and his body was recovered at 8,500ft. On Tuesday, recovery efforts were hindered by high winds and snow. A helicopter was forced to turn back due to the conditions. On Wednesday, search and rescue crews set out at 2am and returned with the victim’s body around 4pm.

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