[FOR SALE] Ski-In Ski-Out House in Telluride, CO, Could Be Yours for Just $37,000,000

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House in Telluride
137 Hood Park Road, Mountain Village, CO; image: sothebysrealty.com

This ski-in ski-out mountain house in Telluride, Colorado, could be yours for just $37 million. Located just off the ski trails at Gold Hill, it allows easy access to the slopes. Forget trying to find a parking spot at the base, your car can stay in the garage.

Built in 2015 and sitting on a 1.17-acre lot, the house features eight bedrooms and 13 bathrooms – eight full and five half – with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. This 18,399 sq ft home has an attached three-car garage and an elevator for all three floors. The design of the house uses the jaw-dropping views of the La Salle Range as the main backdrop with floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, emphasizing the beauty of its location. Outdoor heated patios and terraces with a hot tub allow for luxurious enjoyment of the beauty of nature. Unique features of the house include a game room with multiple pool tables, a steam room and a wine room, a massage room and gym, a ski room with lockers and boot heaters, and a two-lane bowling alley. 

Snowy Telluride house
$37 Million House Nestled in Telluride, CO; image: sothebysrealty.com
Ski in Ski out telluride house
Ski-in Ski-out; image: sothebysrealty.com
$37 mil patio
Outdoor Patio with Hot Tub and fire pit; image: sothebysrealty.com
outdoor terrace
Heated Terrace and fireplace; image: sothebysrealty.com
family room $37 mil house
image: sothebysrealty.com
2nd sitting room
Colorado Mountain Chic Sitting Room; image: sothebysrealty.com
floor to celing windows
View From the Sitting Room; image: sothebysrealty.com
telluride house kitchen
Kitchen; image: sothebysrealty.com
telluride house dining room
Dining Room; image: sothebysrealty.com
telluride house bedroom
image: sothebysrealty.com
telluride house bathroom
image: sothebysrealty.com
bathroom one
image: sothebysrealty.com
2nd telluride house bedroom
image: sothebysrealty.com
bathroom with a view
Tub with a View; image: sothebysrealty.com
Telluride house pool table
Game Room with Pool Table; image: sothebysrealty.com

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4 thoughts on “[FOR SALE] Ski-In Ski-Out House in Telluride, CO, Could Be Yours for Just $37,000,000

  1. Most people buying these mega-homes don’t realize that sleeping above 10,000 ft is really hard — especially if you are only visiting for a week at a time and coming from lower elevations. It’s worse when you are older which most buyers of these places will be. The former owners probably figured that out and are looking for a place in Jackson, WY now.

  2. Must be obscenely nice to have that kinda money. For a little bit of perspective, it would take the average American ski resort employee 1250 years to make that much money, and that’s only if they don’t pay any taxes.

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