42 Human-Triggered Avalanches in Utah in Past 5-Days!!

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Cardiac Ridge Avalanche on Friday. image: utavy insagram story. 3/28/20

The string of human triggered avalanches continues in the backcountry. In the past five days, we’ve had 42 human triggered avalanches with 14 people being caught and carried. Yesterday was no exception with another seven human-triggered slides and three people going for rides.

Utah Avalanche Center, 3/30/20

Utah just saw 42 human-triggered avalanches in the backcountry in the past 5-days alone!

Why so many?

Because the ski resorts are closed due to Coronavirus which is putting more people than ever into the backcountry and people are making overly aggressive decisions on when and where to ski & ride.

Just yesterday, Sunday, March 29th, there were 7 human-triggered avalanches listed below:

  • Farmington Lakes – 8,500′ northeast facing 2.5′ x 300′ wide.
  • Mt. Wolverine – 10,200′ southwest facing 8″ x 50′ wide. One rider caught and carried.
  • Mill B South – 10,000′ southwest facing 2′ x 100′ wide. One rider caught and carried.
  • Neffs – 9000′ northwest facing 6″ x 10′ wide.
  • Benson & Hedges Ridge – 10,200′ west facing 12″x 50′ wide running 1,000′ vertical.
  • Brighton Backcountry – 9,800′ west facing 12″ x 40′ wide.
  • Evergreen Ridge – 9,600′ northwest facing 12″ x 40′ wide. One rider caught and carried.

See reports from all 42 human-triggered avalanches in Utah in the past 5-days here:

Many backcountry skiers & riders are not following guidelines set up to protect us from spreading Coronavirus via social distancing and only recreating within your very near local area.

Many backcountry skiers & riders are not following guidelines set up to avoiding injury to avoid creating an additional burden to our healthcare system.

These 3 human involved avalanches in Utah on Friday were dramatic:

There was A HUGE AMOUNT of human triggered avalanches in Utah Friday.

Avalanche Rating on Friday, 3/27/20 was:

  • Moderate above treeline
  • Low near treeline
  • Low below treeline

On Friday, there were human-triggered avalanches in all of these locations and more in Utah:

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