5 Ski Resorts That Will Have Powder This Thanksgiving Weekend

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Hope we get hammered here in Maine...
It looks like the far west and far east could see a healthy dose of powder for Thanksgiving weekend. Source; NOAA.

With winter touching down across the entire US, it’s high time to move into the mountains and start frolicking in the powder. A handful of ski resorts have opened this season with a large number planning on Turkey Day first chairs. Here are a few resorts which will be open for Thanksgiving and have some nice powder to help burn off those extra unwanted calories.


Crystal Mountain, Washington

Crystal Mountain has been getting the storms for a while now, the high elevations of Washington have been getting hammered since fall set in and now the cold fronts are dipping nice and low creating a great opportunity for top-to-bottom snow. Crystal will be opening up this Friday with a foot of natural base and some extra help from snowmaking for fun on the snow! They will continue to get snow today through the weekend with totals coming in around 18-30 inches of snow!

Dense and slabbed in, looks pretty covered.
Enjoying some the gifts of winter delivered over the weekend. Source; Crystal Mountain Resort Facebook Page.

Loveland Ski Area, Colorado

Picking up some much needed precipitation from this weekend’s weather, Loveland Colorado is open and operational with an 18 inch base. Skiing can be accessed through one lift to a few of their easy runs which got some extra coverage from snowmaking. It continues to snow today with some overnight showers through the weekend picking up a possible 6-10 inches by the end of it all.

Any snow is good snow
The snowstake at Loveland Pass today looking very nice. Source; Ski Loveland

Ski Lake Louise, Alberta

Having already opened with a solid base, just under two feet at the summit, Ski Lake Louise has been enjoying the powdery goodness for nearly a week! Forecast through Thanksgiving weekend could bring six more inches of their wonderfully light and dry snow to the slopes which makes this a very viable option to score the goods. Also, there aren’t many places more beautiful than Banff to spend a wintery Thanksgiving at.

So pitted!!!
In the bowls at opening day for Ski Lake Louise, this looks amazing! Source; Lake Louise Ski Resort Facebook Page.

Sugarloaf, Maine

While Maine has been experiencing a severe drought throughout the summer and right into what should be classified as winter months, one thing it doesn’t lack is cold. Above average temps meant most resorts didn’t open early to mid-November as normal, but the air has shifted and Sugarloaf has gotten off to a good start. Planning a Thanksgiving day opening, they have been running 125 guns on a single trail to ensure ample coverage before expanding to others. A storm cycle is prospected to push through over the weekend bringing another six inches to the few that fell this past weekend.

Awfully cold in them hills.
Making winter since Ullr doesn’t want to cooperate! Source; Sugarloaf Mountain Facebook Page.

Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler Blackcomb- and the Pacific Northwest in general- have been getting the brunt of the Pacific storms. Picking up over a foot of fresh throughout the past week has added to a magnificent mid-mountain base of 40 inches which they will be proud to present on their opening day of Thanksgiving, but that’s not all! The wintery weather continues today and through the weekend providing anywhere from 18-27 inches with possibly more in the high alpine, all just in time for the holiday vacationers. Free refills for everyone this Thanksgiving at Whistler Blackcomb!

Every dusting counts!
Soon indeed. Source; Whistler Blackcomb Facebook Page.

But wether in the snowy mountains or simply enjoying a family tradition at home, have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

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