55 Avalanches Were Reported in Colorado Over the Weekend, Half Large Enough to Kill or Bury a Person

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An avalanche this weekend in East Vail. Credit: CAIC

Over the weekend, there were 55 human-triggered and natural avalanches. Half of which were large enough to bury or kill a person, reports the CAIC. The calendar says April, but the snowpack still needs the memo about spring.

East through southeast aspects was the hotspot where wind-loading combined with a layer of facets above a crust provided potent ingredients.

“Don’t ride or climb big southerly lines just because that is what you do in the “spring.”

Ride the snowpack, not the calendar!”

– CAIC warning

An avalanche this weekend in East Vail. Credit: CAIC

Another one to two feet of snow will keep things spicy for most of the week.

The images show a large slide in East Vail triggered by a solo rider at the top of the run. Miraculously no one was caught in the avalanche.

For the latest information, please visit colorado.gov/avalanche.

Current forecast. Credit: CAIC

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