A Solid Edit from Alta’s Flying Lifties

Daryn Edmunds |

Life is good when you are an Alta liftie. Short commute, ample ski breaks and loads of pow….usually. This season was a little below average when all said and done with a massive dry spell that seemed to last from about Dec 27th until mid March. That did not stop Matt and Jarrett from going hard this year, making a solid edit and then promptly blowing their knees. Go get ’em next year fellas!

Frothing Grommets Productions presents Jarrett Smith and Matt Hundhammer’s “Weak in the Knees” edit, showcasing some fun shots of the boy’s 2012-13 season spent working for Alta Ski Lifts and living amidst the snowy peaks and ridges of Little Cottonwood Canyon. In March, both Jarrett and Matt tore their ACLs within a week of each other, ending the duos season and shooting their spring and summer plans. Nevertheless, the grommets have been hard at work doing physical therapy and plan on returning to the Wasatch next season to praise Jah Üllr and enjoy some more tasty lines. 
Filmed by The Frothing Grommets
Edited by Matt Hundhammer
A Special Thanks to:
ON3P – on3pskis.com
Soul Poles – soulpoles.com

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