Curing Vertigo: a Testament to the Power of the Ski Edit

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Annie Scrimgeour
Annie Scrimgeour in her Edinburgh flat.

Have you ever watched a POV ski edit? If you are reading this then the answer is likely yes, many of them. We all love to imagine ourselves as Candide Thovex or Leo Taillefer. These clips are nice on the eyes and are an easy way to cure the summer time blues. Meet a woman who uses them to cure a much more serious ailment, a debilitating form of vertigo.

Annie Scrimgeour of Edinburgh has been diagnosed with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BPPV. The ailment is so troublesome it has forced her to quit her job. She struggled to perform daily tasks and had become a virtual recluse. That is until her doctor gave her an interesting prescription, watching ski videos. The bright colors combined with a sense of speed and movement have helped her immensely. This combination forces Annie to focus her vision and retrains her brain to deal with distraction that sparks dizziness. Although the videos have helped, she says she is 80% better, she will not be taking up skiing anytime soon as walking is still a chore.

Parable Pod Counseling

In trying to make something positive out of her situation, Annie has started Parable Pod Counseling. Parable Pod is Annie’s way of helping others who are struggling with health. It is Scotland’s first NPO social enterprise counseling service. “Having been through this period of ill health, I realize how valuable good health is and I want to give back to others who are also struggling,” she says.

Annie says before this she had never watched a ski video.

Here’s a Classic For Your Enjoyment

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