After Exceptionally Dry January for Western US, Most Mountains Snowpacks Still Sitting at Around Average for Time of Year—For Now

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Westwide SNOTEL Current Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) % of Normal

January was painfully dry for the West. Most ski regions haven’t gotten proper snowfall in over a month, with the exception of trace amounts of snowfall here and there (This doesn’t apply to New Mexico and southern Colorado, which just got a big storm with several feet of snow this week). We’ve all been hurting.

Despite the lack of snowfall last month, most mountain snowpacks are still at or around their average for this time of year, because of how deep December was for everybody. But will it last? California, for example, is actively losing its snowpack every day right now due to the lack of snow and warm temps, and is expecting dry conditions to persist for the next two weeks. Will a similar scene take place across the rest of the Western US over the next couple of weeks? We shall see.

Fingers crossed for more snow!


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