Historic Flooding in Vermont Damages Ski Areas and Towns, More Rain in the Forecast

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Okemo Resort
Okemo Mountain Resort. – Image: Kathy Tulba

After the disastrous flooding in almost the entire state of Vermont only a few days ago, more heavy rain is in the forecast. The flooding destroyed homes, businesses, infrastructure, and almost everything at the ground level. However, with the soil already soaked from the excessive rain, more flooding is likely towards the end of this week. From Thursday until Sunday, Vermont is forecasted to receive an additional two inches or more of rain. 

Vermont ski areas aren’t immune to the damage done by these floods, and some resorts have faced the effects of the flooding. For example, Okemo Mountain in Ludlow has experienced some of the worst damage from the flooding. As of July 11th, the town of Ludlow has experienced close to nine inches of rain. Translated into snow, it would be over 90 inches! As depicted in the image, local authorities are doing their best to clean up the debris and rubble from the flooding. Unfortunately, this work might have to be stopped later this week if more heavy rain decides to come. Subsequently, this would also mean that more debris and risks to property would be present in the area. Okemo is closed until Thursday, 7/13, but this date might extend if the rain continues.

Vermont Rainfall Totals
Rain totals as of July 11th, 2023. – Image: NWS Burlington

Vermont and other parts of the Northeast are under a level two out of four risk for heavy rainfall on Thursday. With this in mind, water levels could rise even higher and cause more damage. In addition, the Wrightsville Dam in Montpelier is almost at capacity. If the dam overflows with more rain this week, it could potentially devastate the state’s capital. 

With all this in mind, local officials and authorities are doing their best to alleviate the impact and help clean up the consequences of the flooding. People are working together and offering their expertise to those who need it. Moreover, surrounding states like New York, Massachusetts, and as far as North Carolina have sent water rescue teams. It’s great to see a state not equipped to handle such a crisis get outside help from experts in the field. Hopefully, the forecast rain doesn’t make things too difficult for the state. In the best-case scenario, only a small amount of rain would come while repairs and cleaning continue.

Montpelier, VT
Montpelier, VT. – Image: The Weather Channel

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