Alpine Meadows, CA Report: Shallow Pow, Steeps and Misty Mountains

Galen Carrico | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Alyson on an early morning run in Sherwood Forest with Lake Tahoe in the background. Image: Galen Carrico

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Report from Saturday, March 20, 2021 

Conditions exceeded expectations on Saturday as the sun came out to reveal 21″ inches of fresh snow that had fallen over the last few days at Alpine Meadows, California.

The storm arrived with fluctuating snow levels, leaving a loud layer of crust underneath a few inches of light, dry powder that came in as the storm cleared out.

We found some wind-blown, chalky snow near Scott Chair. Image: Galen Carrico

During the first lift ride to the top, it was lightly snowing with the sun making its way out through the clouds.

Crystals of snow hung in the air and in the background was a misty view of Lake Tahoe.

All smiles. Image: Galen Carrico

It was colder than we anticipated and the chopped powder skied great as the day went on.

Sunny pow turns. Image: Galen Carrico

Summit Six was socked in most of the morning but we took some quick laps on Scott and wrapped around the peak on those two runs before taking a mid- morning break at the Chalet to grab some gourmet pretzels.

The sun started burning through the clouds and we got on Summit while it seemed most skiers were at lunch. There was no line for a few laps.

Now that the Winter holidays have come and gone, there are fewer people on the hills lately.

Alyson taking the scenic route to the car. Image: Galen Carrico

Sunday (today) is a clearer and warmer day and rumor has it the week could start out with another refresh of snow:

Snow Numbers:

Credit: Squaw Valley/ Alpine Meadows. SVAM
Credit: NRCS


Credit: SVAM

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