Alpine Meadows, CA Report: The Day Between Storms After 16″ of Snowfall Tops Tahoe Resorts

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Skier shredding Scott Chute. Image: Galen Carrico

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Report from February 12, 2021

Today was the day between storms after Alpine Meadows received 16″ inches of snow overnight.

Alpine Meadows was the clear winner from the most recent storm, reportedly receiving the most snow of any of the other resorts surrounding Lake Tahoe.

Enjoying The Promised Land on the way back to the car. Image: Phil Brown

 More snow is falling as of this writing and the forecast is calling for more snow tomorrow and into next week.

Skier hits a cliff below Treeline Cirque. Image: Galen Carrico

It started out bright and sunny and the entire mountain was open and caked in snow. 

The view from Summit Chair overlooking Lake Tahoe. Image: Galen Carrico

The name of the game today was terrain selection because the snow really varied depending on the aspect.

The weather went from bright blue sky to low visibility in the afternoon. 

Phil finding the good stuff in the trees. Image: Galen Carrico and Mitch Milbauer
Low visibility on Summit in the afternoon. Image: Galen Carrico

Winds from the West were blowing lots of snow off of the upper peaks into the bowls below.

Although most of the mountain was open, including Sherwood and Lakeside, Ski Patrol did not yet open Upper Beaver Bowl.

Wind depositing snow into the upper bowls. Image: Galen Carrico

There were a few visible natural slide paths on the drive up the canyon and the snow was heavier than the snow Tahoe received after the last few storms. 

The higher up on the mountain you were today the better the snow quality.

Phil enjoying a steep shaded run late in the day. Image: Galen Carrico

At the Summit the wind was picking up from the West as the day progressed, with another storm approaching the Sierra that should freshen things up for tomorrow and this weekend. 

This was the first day I had been back at Alpine Meadows since the start of February and it finally looked like mid-winter. 

Overall 200″ has fallen on the season thus far and the forecast is calling for 2-4″ inches overnight on Friday and 6-10″ on Saturday. 

Enjoying the Promised Land on the way back to the car. Image: Phil Brown

Snow Numbers:

Image: Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows (SVAM)


Image: SVAM


Lakeview. Image: GC
Heaven on Earth. Image: Galen Carrico

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