Alta, UT Report: High Rustler Run is Ripping

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Report from January 12, 2021

I cruised up to Alta yesterday at 1:30pm after taking care of some errands in SLC.

It was 18ºF in SLC then 42ºF at the base of Alta.

It felt like springtime but with cold snow.

I went straight to High Rustler and found it deserted.

Alta vistas. image: snowbrains

I took a few deep breaths and skied the run as hard and fast as I could and it was dreamy.

Hi Boy is smooth and flat and chalky right now.

Shaved ices all over the sprays like crazy.

It’s skiing very well.

Alta spray. image: snowbrains

West Rustler was also good shaved ice fun.

The groomers off the Collins chair were fast and supple.

I only had about an hour to ski but I made the most of it and Alta shone bright.

Snow Numbers:

image: alta, 1/12/21


image: noaa, 1/12/21

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