Alta, UT, Report: High Speed Storm Skiing Fun

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Report from March 15, 2023

The pouring rain in Tahoe freaked me out yesterday.

At 2pm it hit me that even once the sun came out, Tahoe wasn’t gonna be good…

I scrambled, cleaned the house, packed my stuff, forgot my ski socks in the drier, and hit the road by 3pm PT.

My favorite tree at Alta. image: snowbrains

In general, my rule is not to drive at night, but I made an exception due to the pissing rain.

It rained all the way out of Tahoe and into Nevada a bit.

Parts of Nevada were 62ºF.

Alta. image: snowbrains

 Salt Lake City was 52ºF.

It was 37ºF in Park City, UT, when I arrived at 11:30 MT.

I woke up late today and rolled into Alta at about 1pm and met up with Daryn.

The Y Couloir. image: snowbrains

Right under the Collins chair might have been my favorite run.

The chairlift eyeballs on me helps my skiing.

I followed Daryn around the rest of the day.

Wildcat chair. image: snowbrains

The snow was good.

It was around 6″ deep, didn’t have a firm bottom, was chopped up, and fun.

We skied right until 4pm and cruised home.

Fun day.


image: alta, 3/15/23


image: noaa, 3/15/23


Collins chari. image: snowbrains

Canyon closes so much this season. image: snowbrains
SLC. image: snowbrains
SLC. image: snowbrains

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