Alta, UT Report: Little Chute Absolutely Firing in Spring Splashiness!

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Report from May 16th, 2020

Yesterday, I rolled up to Alta with Erica to ski Little Chute off 11,000′ Mt. Baldy at Alta ski area in Utah.

Alta has allowed uphill access since they closed for the season on March 15th.

Alta saw 542″ of snowfall this season which is just about average for them (563″).

Miles fired up on top of Little Chute. image: snowbrains

The weather was fine yesterday.

Warm, but not too warm with plentiful sunshine, wispy clouds, and no wind at all.

We cruised up to the top of Baldy taking our time and summited after 2-hours of skinning and booting.

Erica on top with a gaggle of folks waiting their turn to drop Main Chute with Mt. Superior in the background (we skied that on Thursday). image: snowbrains

Once on top, Erica elected to hit Main Chute while I went for Baldy.

After watching her rip a slushy, fun Main Chute, I hiked up to Little Chute and got ready.

Little Chute looked more chopped up and a lot tighter than Main Chute, but I decided to give it a go.

Erica shredding Main Chute in perfect corn conditions. image: snowbrains

As soon as I worked myself into the chute proper, I was pumped.

Little was splashy beyond belief…

It felt like water skiing, it felt like a dream.

Our first Apres Ski in 2 months! image: snowbrains

I was fired up in the chute and it felt longer than I’d remembered.

The snow was so good that I tried to keep my speed up as high as possible since it was such responsive, forgiving snow.

I blasted out the bottom of the chute onto the apron and right over to Miss Erica.

Erica grinding up the booter. image: snowbrains

I was elated.

The skiing was so much more fun than I expected, especially for such a late drop in – about 2pm.

Thanks, Alta!!

After skiing, we went out and hit our first Apres Ski in over 2-months and it was delicious…

Photo Tour

Erica on top giving me the business… image: snowbrains
Mt. Baldy. image: snowbrains
The boyz building a kicker. image: snowbrains
Little Chute. image: snowbrains
Downtown is OPEN. image: snowbrains
Tekila. image: snowbrains
Finger food. image: snowbrains


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