Alyeska, AK: 735″ of Snow, Backflips, Costumes, Insane Views, & The Wiggle

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Report from April 23, 2021

Spring skiing paradise?

I think yes…

Yesterday we went for a spin at Alyeska ski resort, AK with Owen Leeper, Mark Morris, & Tyler.

They’ve gotten 735″ of snowfall this season and it shows.

We showed up at 1:30pm and things were just getting to the perfect spring skiing corniness.

We started with top to bottom laps which are hilariously fun and consist of over 3 minutes of carving, bumping, jumping, and hooting.

Temps were in the 40s and 50s and the snow was perfect corn starting at about 2pm.

Owen Leeper getting upsidedown. image: snowbrains

After a few top to bottom laps we got into the wiggle and had a blast.

It’s a tight, steep wiggle that is tough to stay in and is definitely a workout.

Below the wiggle is the mini-park that turned out to be crazy fun.

The Wiggle! image: snowbrains

Front flips, backflips, and 360s ensued.

More top to bottoms, more wiggle, more park until it was past 5pm and we went to the mid-mountain bar for the famous “Alaska Fizz” apres ski drink.

We were sworn in at the bar by the barman for our first Alaksa Fizz then it was out onto the deck until closing time at 6pm.

Apres ski with the crew and Alaska Fizz. image: snowbrains

The views are nuts here and you watch the 25′ tide come in and morph Turnagain Arm from a mudflat to sparkling seas.

The last top to bottom run took us directly to the legendary Sitzmark bar for more apres ski in the sun.

After a drink at the Sitz it was home to our room in the Alyeska Hotel.

Costume party. image: snowbrains

Our room is right above the tram and the views are splendid.

Spring skiing paradise is right here at Alyeska.

Snow Numbers:

image: alyeska, 4/24/21


image: noaa, 4/24/21


The Tram. image: snowbrains
Elvis sighting… image: snowbrains
Da boyz. image: snowbrains
Springtime! image: snowbrains
Mark & Owen & Alaska Fizz. image: snowbrains
Sitzmark party. image: snowbrains
Casual Friday. image: snowbrains
Sitzmark Apres Ski. image: snowbrains
Nacho-Cheese at the Spitzmark. image: snowbrains
Owen on Turnagain Arm. image: snowbrains
Hotel Alyeska. image: snowbrains
Nice rooms in Hotel Alyeska. image: snowbrains
View from the room at Hotel Alyeska. image: snowbrains


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