Alyeska Resort, AK Conditions Report: Bluebird, Fast and fun!

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Chad dropping the classic, Picnic Rock

  Alyeska Resort next to the sea nestled deep in the mountains is skiing spectacular.  A cold arctic trough pushing southward has brought cold clear weather and bluebird sky’s to the resort until those precious lows out of the pacific position themselves for the next storm cycle.  The clear weather pattern has created a play-land of awesome ripping groomers with sweet edge-able recycled cord, chalky bumps and great hits.  After all, how can you really appreciate a powder day without some crisp clear bluebird days in between.

Mmmmm mmmm mmmm

  Stoked to be headed up the lifts to soak up a bit of vitamin D and some fresh groomer action.  The skiing to Glacier Bowl Express was fast and crisp with perfectly edge-able “lay it all the way down if you want to” groomers.  I started to get really excited for the steeper terrain.  As we blasted up the Glacier Bowl Express the sun came into view and hit us about tower three.   It heated my soul with vigor and lust, for I was about to receive some of the best skiing anywhere.  When we reached the top we headed down Mighty Might to Main Street for a longer warm up run into the bowl.  Mighty Might being steep and a single fall line skied so super carve-able and fast.  I made as many turns as I could muster, but was tempted to make just three on those sweets.


Reaching for the grab in the plethora of terrain

  The Groomers worked hard all night grooming everything they possibly could.  Everything was smooth, chalky but soft with awesome transitions.  We spent the next couple hours cruising and getting stylie on almost every groomer possible.  The sweet cord lent itself to switch skiing, spins, butters and mastering technique.

Little shredders getting theirs on the Bore Tide deck.

  Hunger over took me so I took a lunch break at The Bore Tide Bar, warmed up from the cold and people watched for a bit.  After a fun conversation with some Midwesterners I jumped back on my skis.   The High Traverse had been staring me down all day so I headed out to catch a lap under Rudy’s Chute.  It took just a few minutes to ski the traverse out to the fan. I dropped in on the skiers right and hit the sink between the knoll and the fan.  The snow was slightly bumpy, fast, tracked, consolidated powder (4-8″) with a styro-base and a slight bit of soft breakable wind-crust here and there.  2 to 6 in. of blower powder lay on the surface.  It was just enough snow to read the texture of the mountain and ski it well, if you didn’t ski it too fast.  Finding soft windblown wasn’t hard with the visibility. 

Soft crust and cold smoke with a few bumps

  I met up with my buddy to check out the North Face.  We hit Chucks gate and were welcomed by some nice smooth soft chalky moguls.  We scored a bonus and found a bit of fresh wind-gift nestled in the troughs.  We skied them to the end of the Rag Doll closure on the right.  We headed right and descended through bumpy traverses to a small choke in the trees.   After navigating the skinny tree’d chutes we hit some wide open tracked powder and let her rip.  A couple times a buried piece of avi debris would bounce a ski.  “Be like rubber” I thought as I hit one.  We skied it fast till we caught up to Jim’s Branch and skied it to the tram.  The light was flat so it was hard to point it for the fast run to the tram.  I waited till the end to straight-line realizing it was so smooth I could have just pointed it from the top.  

Scoping a runout on the North

  The day ended with that one of a kind feeling Alyeska provides. After a couple more laps on the High-T we called it a glorious day with more bluebird days in the forecast.  Savoring the fun is a must till someone says nice goggle tan or your so filled up on the vitamin D you eat your cereal without milk.   You never know how long these bluebird days will last…  pow?

Current Mountain Conditions

Current surface map showing the bluebird love

Current Forecast

Photo Tour


Cold-smoke goodness


Chucks, from the bumps to the tram


Still, the views never get old


Skiing by ourselves in the shadows


Getting those bumps and blasting through the power clouds off the top of 2


Laying it over tele style




Some unsung héros working hard


Skiing the shadow line on High-T to mix it up a bit


Jay slashing the turn


The sunlight creeping across the mountain


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