Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska Conditions Report: New Terrain Opening Every Day!

Scott Rich |
Photographer Ralph Kristopher Capturing the essence of North Face (Tram Pocket). Skier: Ben Napolitano

What a difference one week makes as Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, AK, continuously opens up new terrain every day! The last 10 days has blessed us with numerous snow storms, with just enough accumulation to refresh the tracked powder from the day before. Needless to say everything is skiing great. The groomers are soft and carvable and off piste has been filling in more than it ever was last season. December is off to a strong start!!

Skier Scott Rich Finding a nice transition off one of the many lines on Eagles Rock. Photo: Justin Siemens

Last weekend, the patrollers surprised us with the opening of High Silver, a run that requires avalanche beacons (Alyeska Sports Shop rents beacons, or bring your own) and a short boot pack above High Traverse. The hike is not very long and the reward was waist deep, low density powder! Every turn was effortless and felt like having a bucket of snow tossed in the face. Nothing but smiles, hoots and hollers, and powder beards the entire day!

Skier Pete Ostroski finding a pocket of untouched on High Silver. Photo: Desi Sherwood


Last Wednesday we received about 10 inches of heavier density snow. This allowed the patrollers to open up the rest of South Face and also Picnic Rock. Lolo’s and Brown Shorts are still closed. Hopefully these open soon, as the runs are looking filled in and are the only two common areas in the upper South Bowl yet to open (aside from Max’s). It was a classic Alyeska powder day. The visibility was sub par, almost nobody on the mountain and the snow was perfect for taking advantage of Alyeska’s natural terrain park. Heres to more days like this!

Skier Desi Sherwood laying out one of his Signature backflips on Alyeska’s natural terrain park. Photo: Scott Rich

This weekend has been no exception to the amazing days at Alyeska. The Ski Patrollers have opened up Tram Pocket on The North Face! This is basically the first time in years the North Face has had enough snow and the stability for them to open so early, and the first time in over a year its been open! At the moment you can only ski from the Tram Terminal down to Spoon Line, which takes you back over to Chair 6. Currently North Face is closed from New Year’s Chute over to the Ragdoll gate, as well as the entire lower North Face due to thin coverage. The quality of skiing was amazing! DEEP, and fast were the two words most commonly used today.

Desi says he judges the quality of his runs by how thick his ‘snow beard’ is. Looks like Desi and Pete had a good run down Tram Pocket. Photo Credit: Shameless Selfie

This week is looking even more promising than last. As I write, Girdwood is getting nuked with snow, as there is a huge low pressure system located in the Bering Sea pushing moisture our way. As of now, 10 inches of snow is in the forecast overnight. The rest of the week appears to have snow at least everyday.  Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 10.02.50 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 10.03.15 PM


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