Amazing 45 Foot Tall “Ice Volcano” Forms in Kazakhstan

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Ice Formation In Kazakhstan
Ice Volcano Formation Located In Kazakhstan|

An “Ice Volcano” towering 45 feet above the earth has recently formed near the Almaty region in Kazakhstan. The formation results from an underground spring that sprays water up from the ground, which instantly freezes. This is the second spotted in the region, and it has attracted many tourists to the area.

Ice Volcano Spraying In Kazakhstan
Ice Volcano In Kazakhstan Spraying|

The three key components required to create such a structure are temperature, surf height, and ice coverage. Similar structures can be found in the United States, often occurring around Lake Michigan. Waves running beneath the ice force water up, which sprays out the surface, creating similar structures to the one seen in Kazakhstan.

According to meteorologists, these structures can form quickly over the space of just a few hours if the waves are strong enough. 

Ice Formation With Visiting Tourists
Ice Volcano Located in Kazakhstan|

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