Aspen Snowmass, CO, Announces Season Pass Price Increase

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Aspen Season Pass
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Aspen Skiing Co. just announced its Spring sale for 2022-2023 season passes.  Like many resorts around the country, Aspen Skiing Co. has increased its season pass prices by about 8%.

The Adult Premier Pass includes unlimited skiing at any of its four mountains, including Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, and Aspen Snowmass. It can be purchased for $2,479 during this Spring sale, $180 more than last season. 

The Senior Premier Pass, for ages 65-69, can be purchased for $1,829, which is $130 more than last season. Likewise, the Premier Silver pass, for those still ripping around over the age of 70, was also increased and can be purchased for $579.

While $2,479 may sound like a hefty investment it is fully refundable until August 31st. The resort doesn’t offer any deposit options. The price must be paid in full at the time of purchase. 

The Premier Pass also comes with additional benefits for pass holders to take advantage of throughout the season. Each adult and senior pass bought will come with a complimentary Ikon Base Pass as well as an Uphill Season Pass. Uphill season passes can otherwise be bought for $69.

Season pass holders will also receive discounts on rentals, winter dining, lessons, and even parking. The Premier Pass will allow pass holders access to Summer 2023 sightseeing access via the Silver Queen Gondola in Aspen and the Elk Camp Gondola and Chair in Snowmass.

After eliminating the Classic Pass last season, the resort doesn’t have any plans on reinstating it as an option for purchase this year. Originally, the Classic Pass was offered as an affordable option for those with passes to other resorts. Its purpose was to generate additional visitation from Coloradans who wouldn’t normally ski at Aspen. However, with the Ikon Pass and Mountain Collective pass growing in popularity, the resort decided to permanently do away with the Classic pass. 

During this Spring Pass Sale, passes will be available at the lowest price of the season. Passes can be purchased through the resort’s website. The sale lasts until June 15th and each purchase is 100% refundable until August 31st. 

Season Pass Prices
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  1. Couple questions for you, Rich. What year are your Rossi Soul 7s and have you ever left the groomer?

  2. So getting triggered by a rando ski post on some article and writing a post about it makes you better??? Youre worse than a kook.

  3. I will always remember that in March 2017, I got a free mimosa drink from a private jet company advertising just before getting on the Aspen mountain gondola. First time in 33 years of skiing I score something like this!

  4. I think it is fare to say Aspen does not get the Denver crowds, to far to drive. So how many passes will they sell? Maybe the locals have to fill in $$$ void because of low number sales of seasonal passes.

  5. When we opened the big mountain at Tenney Mt in Plymouth NH in 1964 our season ticket price was USD$60 and it went down from there for families. Shi prices have become ridiculous.

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