Resorts Extend their Season as Conditions are the Best in Decades in Australia

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Credit: Aedan O’Donnell/Thredbo

It’s dumping right now in Australia, it looks like it’s one of the best seasons in the last couple of decades, and it doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon. In fact, it’s so good, some resorts are announcing they’re extending their season.

Credit: Mt. Hotham

The current storm pattern is building on the cold, wintry spell they experienced last month. After a slow start, which had neighbors New Zealand poking fun at them, it seems like Australian ski resorts are having the last laugh.

“The snow depth is the best in over 10 years and it’s awesome. It’s officially the best snow we’ve had in 14 years!” said a spokesperson for Mt. Buller ski resort

I think it’s safe to say that this season is now firmly established as one of the best in recent memory. The storm totals from the weekend are in the region of 18″, and some resorts are reporting bases over 80″.

Last weekend at Mt. Hotham (FYI, that sign is over 8′ tall). Credit: Buff Farnell/Hotham

Falls Creek and Mt. Hotham both report 85″ bases and at Perisher they have an 80″ base. In fact, the bases and conditions are so good, both Mt. Hotham and Perisher have said they will extend winter ski season to October 7th.

Credit: Boen Ferguson/Thredbo

Of the big four southern hemisphere ski nations, Australia is the only one where four or more ski areas are posting 80″+ base depths. There are three in New Zealand with Turoa posting the deepest in the world at present at 106″, but no areas have reached that depth in South America so far this winter.

Credit: Perisher

The upcoming week will see more snow in Australia, albeit lighter, but with temperatures staying low conditions should remain pretty sweet.

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