VIDEO: UAC Check Out ‘Bone-Crunching, Tree-Snapping’ Massive Avalanche in Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT

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Utah Avalanche Center forecaster Craig Gordon and @forrestshearer checked out this large natural avalanche in Tuscarora Bowl, upper Big Cottonwood Canyon, yesterday (Thursday 2/18/21). 

“It’s time to let the snow heal. Tone it back. It’s time to stay on 30º slopes. Stay off the big stuff and live to ride another day.”

Breaking deep and wide, and most likely occurring early Wednesday morning when the storm intensified, this was not an isolated event.

In fact, this slide exemplifies the characteristics of the bone-crushing, tree-snapping, avalanche dragon coming to life, leading to Wednesday’s Extreme avy danger.

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Yesterday’s (Thur 2/19/21) forecast. Credit: UAC

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