An Avalanche Bridge Completed on Snoqualmie Pass Should Make Winter Travel Easier

Helena Guglielmino |
New avalanche bridge on Snoqualmie Pass, photo from WSDOT

Snoqualmie riders and I-90 travelers rejoice as the second avalanche bridge on a section of Washington’s Snoqualmie Pass  was completed Monday. The bridge should prevent a lot of closures on I-90 during winter.

The avalanche bridges are part of an extensive project to renovate 15 miles of I-90 between Hyak and Easton that started in 2010. The completion of this second bridge marks a break in construction until 2021.

The avalanche bridges will allow Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to clear snow from the hills that rise above the highway into Keechelus Lake. Before the bridges were constructed, the process of removing potentially hazardous snow would risk the chance of an avalanche falling onto the unobstructed highway. Now, the process should be a lot easier for all involved as WSDOT can clear and push snow underneath the highway.

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