3 Buried in Avalanche in Backcountry Just Outside Grand Targhee Resort, WY

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Grand Targhee trip report sidecountry gate
The backcountry just outside Grand Targhee Resort, WY. Credit: Cy Whitling/SnowBrains

Three people were rescued by their buddy after they were caught in an avalanche in the backcountry near Grand Targhee Resort, WY yesterday, reports the Jackson Hole News & Guide.

Large slab avalanche was triggered by a person skinning uphill. It failed on faceted snow near the base of the snowpack. Three skiers were caught. One was fully buried. Two others were partially buried. Successful companion rescue. Fog limited observations of the size of the slide.

One of the party was fully buried, while the other two were only partially buried, in the avalanche on Hollywood Rocks, a northeast aspect near Scotty’s backcountry gate on Targhee’s eastern boundary.

The slide was estimated to have a 36-inch crown.

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