Avalanche Kills Snowboarder on Hatcher Pass, AK Yesterday | Not Wearing Avalanche Beacon

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 Emergency vehicles are gathered in the parking lot near Summit Lake in Hatcher Pass after an avalanche on Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016. Courtesy Todd Zumbehl
Emergency vehicles on Hatcher Pass yesterday following the avalanche. Courtesy Todd Zumbehl

A snowboarder died yesterday after being buried in an avalanche off Hatcher Pass, Alaska.  The avalanche occurred on the very popular and very accesible Skyscraper mountain.  The victim was 25-year-old Warren Carlyle of Anchorage, AK.  He was not wearing an avalanche transceiver.  He may have survived had he been wearing an avalanche transceiver.

The avalanche was 6″-3′ deep, 200′ wide, and ran for 600′.

This was the 2nd avalanche death on Hatcher Pass this month.  A medical doctor has been missing on Hatcher Pass since November 22nd, who is feared dead from an avalanche.

The deceased snowboarder was out with one of the person at the time of the avalanche.

A group of snowmobilers performed the rescue.  The deceased was not wearing an avalanche beacon.

Warren was buried for about 30 minutes, CPR was performed, he did not survive.

The avalanche danger was rated at “Moderate” (2 out of 5) at the time of the avalanche.

This was the 5th avalanche death of 2015/16 in North America.  Higher if you begin to count some of the people who are missing in North America who may not be found until Spring.

Rescue yesterday on Hatcher Pass, AK.
Rescue yesterday on Hatcher Pass, AK.

Avalanche Details from Hatcher Pass Avalanche Center:

Skyscraper Mountain

SSE aspect, cross-loaded slope and features

Triggered at ~4200′

Estimated size: Tapered crown 6″-3′ deep X 216′ wide X 600′ run

Debris pile 9-12′ deep, victim buried 7.5′ deep

Victim was traveling by snowshoe, climbed Skyscraper Mountain, triggered avalanche while descending by snowboard. Victim was traveling with one other partner, neither were wearing avalanche beacons. Lack of avalanche beacons, and the depth of the burial contributed to a long burial time, approximated at more than 30 minutes.

RED OVAL = avalanche site. image: hatcher pass avalanche center
RED OVAL = avalanche site. image: hatcher pass avalanche center



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