Bariloche, Argentina Report: A 3-Minute Window of Fast, Sunny Powder Fantasy

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Report from August 21, 2023

Yesterday we awoke to pouring rain and fog in town.

We knew it had been snowing hard up on Cerro Catedral ski resort in Bariloche, Argentina.

We got on the first chair and rough weather and cloudy skies.

Greggy rips. Cerro Catedral. image: snowbrains

The wind wasn’t too bad, but it was still gusting fierce when it wanted to.

We worked our way up to the top of the mountain and by the grace of god, the sun came out just as we were clicking into our skis.

We didn’t waste it.

Refugio Lynch. Cerro Catedral. image: snowbrains

We dropped in with glee slashing turns with speed and skiing our favorite run off the top that we call “The High Line.”

“The High Line” starts mellow then dumps you into a mini chute with a mini air – both of which are getting smaller by the day with the additional slow load.

After the air, you check your speed and choose one of 3 or 4 rock bound exits onto the apron below.

Whoa! Cerro Catedral. image: snowbrains

It’s a great run and a great thrill.

In the speed check zone, I caught my skis on some weird snow and got the faceshot of the season while nearly falling down into some peppery rocks.

I saved it somehow and laughed as I glided down the apron.

Cerro Catedral. image: snowbrains

Then the sun went away.

For the day.

There was only about a 3-minute window and we happened to nail it.

Greggy one-wheeling. Cerro Catedral. image: snowbrains

“I’d rather be lucky than good,” came to mind.

We went back up for another but the snow was tracked and the visibility was about zero and it was nothing like the glory of that first lap.

We headed home to rest up for the rest of this big cycle.

Thanks, Catedral!

Apres tea. image: snowbrains

Snow Numbers

image: catedral, 8/22/23


image:, 8/22/23

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