Bariloche, Argentina Report: One Glorious Day In The Mini-Spines

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Report from September 15th, 2019

Brought to you by Cerro Catedral

Yesterday was a crazy fun day in the Bariloche, Argentina backcountry.

We got a 2-6″ of snow on the night of September 14th and it went a long way.

To be honest, I deleted the audio of the video above because on those first two lines you can hear my skis loudly scratching the ice underneath on every turn…

Miles happy on top of the zone. image: snowbrains

But, it was a grippy ice.

The ice underneath got some wind and a few millimeters of rime grew on top of the hard ice and made it grippier than it would have been.

It was a great day in the mountains. 

Our 1st two runs. image: snowbrains

We didn’t see another soul out there the entire day.

We skied 4 runs (3 in the video above) and had an absolute blast.

Bariloche has seen some rough weather the past few weeks which made yesterday all the more special.

Another storm is forecast to roll in on Wednesday with some wind and then it’s supposed to stay cold.

Could be the perfect recipe for a great week in Bariloche.

About to drop. image: snowbrains


image: catedral




Evidence. image: snowbrains
Vista west. image: snowbrains
Vista. image: snowbrains

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