Bariloche, Argentina Report: Smashing 2 Killer Powder Tree Runs in the Fairy Forests of Patagonia

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Report from August 17, 2022

Today was day #6 of the storm that’s been battering Cerro Catedral in Bariloche, Argentina.

I think about 6-feet of snow has fallen since the storm began.

We started the day jumping straight onto the Sextuple and getting well up the mountain quickly.

Even Punta Nevada was open despite pounding wind and blowing snow.

The chair stopped a lot for wind but delivered us to the top of the mountain for the first time in a week.

We were getting blasted.

Miles slash. photo: greggy

The visibility was very low.

We quickly decided to head back to the trees.

We returned to our honey hole and harvest a great upper run.

Towers in the mist. image: snowbrains

The lower run was cooked and refrozen a la chicken heads.


We escaped unscathed back to the snowy base.

Greggy & Milo. image: snowbrains

We ran into some old friends from Jibbin’ and jumped on the chair with them.

They took us to the Jibbin’ Forest they call the Bosque Magico.

We bounced around and tried to keep up.

Intricate. image: snowbrains

At the bottom, we all decided to run it back.

This time, Greggy and I took a detour and hiked up a bit for a run we’d never skied before.

It was fun and mellow and satisfying.

SS. image: snowbrains

We stopped by Chimango’s shop (Freeride Rent Argentina) and said hi to Victor.

Victor is a genius and he fixed my boot with a wave of his calloused hand.

With that, we headed home happy hoping for a sunny tomorrow.

Victor at Freeride Rent Argentina. image: snowbrains

Snow Numbers

image: catedral, 8/18/22

Snow Forecast

image: snow-forecast, 8/18/22


Refugio Lynch. image: snowbrains
Punta Nevada. image: snowbrains
Sextuple creek looking fat. image: snowbrains
Castles in the sky. image: snowbrains
Workshop at Freeride Rent Argentina. image: snowbrains
Towers y forest. image: snowbrains
Hanging moss – barba del diablo. image: snowbrains
Towers in the storm. image: snowbrains
Lenga forest. image: snowbrains
Greggy ski. image: snowbrains
Apres ski. image: snowbrains

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