10 Reasons to Telemark | Beans and Rice Webisode 2

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10 Reasons to Telemark:

(Brought to you in an abridged, 8 reasons supplemented with 2 reasons from SnowBrains )Capture

1. Easier to Go Pro

Telemarking   =   harder to master   =    fewer… Masters   =   even fewer ELITE   =   less competitive stress and more STOKE!  And lots of hiking.  And of course fresh POW.

2. More Faceshots

While doing lunges down the mountain, your knees are bent and you are shorter.  Your face is thus closer to the snow just waiting to get pounded by frequent clouds of frigid, dry powder.

3. Be OG

Tele skiers ARE the original gangsters of the sport having ruled skiing for many hundreds of years.

4. Free your mind

An ol’ wise man once said, “free your mind, and you will free your spirit.”….. Well, everyone knows that if you free your heel, you free your mind.  And if a free mind allows for a free spirit…

…It leads us to believe:

Tele skiers are Free Spirits.

Is that why they’re all hippies?

5. Tele-rolls

The unique ability of having your ski be able to bend to your nose while your foot stays flat facilitates these fantastic face-plant recoveries.  The Tele skier is a resilient one.  In fact, so resilient that it seems face-plants have become an added dimension of creativity into the already unique Telemark style.

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 12.00.43 AM
Face plant

6. The Turn

Is AMAZING.  Enough said.  Try it.

7. Best Backcountry Tool

Proven through countless centuries of use throughout history.  When was the first AT set up made?

8. Be a Part of an Elite Group

Tele skiers believe they are superior to all other winter sports enthusiasts that enjoy sliding on snow regardless of how many more times they face-plant on the way down.



.       .       .       .       .       .       .       .       .       .       .       .



We can imagine, in the extended version encompassing all 10 reasons, they would have added something along the lines of…

9. Fame & Fortune

Life as a Tele skier is nothing short of full fledged glamor.  The only difference between a Tele skier and a hollywood star is that the Tele skier can ski away from the frenzy of paparazzi that follow them everywhere. 

10. Tele-Babes

Abundant and beautiful — as long as they don’t have a mustache more legit than yours, and shave their armpits at least once a year.


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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Telemark | Beans and Rice Webisode 2

  1. So why so many parallel turns (:50) and the shot of hiking with an alpine touring rig (2:31)?? If you’re core, then be core. We’re not exactly naive about this stuff, ya’ know. Rename: beans for dunmmies.

    1. I think it’s less about seriousness and more about Telemarkers making fun of themselves. No harm done eh? Also, those are all Telemark turns at :50.

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