Grizzly Bear Attacks 10 Year Old Boy In Yellowstone National Park

Mike Lavery |
Yellowstone National Park. Photo: YNP

The first bear attack in Yellowstone National Park since 2015 happened Thursday morning just to the southeast of the Old Faithful geyser basin. A 10 year old boy was taken to Big Sky Medical Center with wounds to his back, butt, and wrist. Reports from the National Park Service make the injuries sound minor in nature.

The family of 4 from Washington was hiking on the Divide Trail around 10 a.m. when the bear charged out of the woods. The bear chased the boy, knocking him down and injuring him. Thankfully, the parents were ready with bear spray which was effective and caused the bear to run away. The family was able to make it back to the Old Faithful Ranger Station on their own before being taken to the hospital.

It wasn’t me, I swear. Photo: YNP

This afternoon it’s being reported that a grizzly bear is likely to blame. Tracks in the area suggest the attack was by a defensive sow protecting a cub. The Spring Creek and Divide trails are closed for the time being to monitor bear activity.

On average, one bear attack per year occurs in Yellowstone National Park. 

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