Big Sky, Montana Opens Gambler, Its Newest Flow Trail.

Mike Lavery | CycleCycle | Industry NewsIndustry News
Big Sky
Big Sky Single Track. Photo: James Adamson

Big Sky, Montana is known in the winter for big lines and no crowds. The summer bike park is really only a few seasons old and a rapidly growing hidden gem. In the past couple years, the resort has put in tons of work constructing new flow trails like Snake Charmer, Ninja Marmots, and the latest creation: Gambler.

Gambler finally opened top to bottom last week and the wait was worth it. I got to do a handfull of laps over the weekend and it did not disappoint. The trail is outstanding and goes on seemingly forever.

Check out this clip from just a small section of lower Gambler. Tell me that doesn’t look super fun! With all summer moisture we’ve been getting in SW Montana, the trail conditions are all time.

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