Biggest Snowfall of the Year in Patagonia Yesterday!

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by Manu Fombeurre and La Chanchita

(if you want guaranteed powder in South America, you want La Chanchita, the ski bus of your dreams)

Winter ended a few weeks ago down here in South America. We started chilling on the beach and even took our first dip in the lake. We waxed our boards to put them away till next year and switched our minds to summer time.

But then all of a sudden a big snow storm came from nowhere! It snowed for a week non-stop. So we decided to take our boards out again and go up the mountain to an awesome and wild place called Mallin Alto.

It snowed way more than we’d imagined! And it actually was the biggest snow fall we had this winter.

Even the snowmobiles got stuck a few times on the way up to the refuge.

After a few hours digging the skidoos out and pretty late at night we finally got to the refuge where we spent two days wondering around the mountain and having a great time!!

When we got back spring was here again and now we’re hoping winter will find its way up to the northern hemisphere like it should be!!

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