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It has been talked about for years, designs have been drawn up and then seemingly forgotten about. Fast forward to now, the designs are back and are here to stay.  The long talked about bike park at Snowbird is about to become a reality, but only if you the riders make it what it should be.  Snowbird has the ability and the permits to make a park to rival Whistler and Jackson but will only do so with the local riders input.

This Wednesday, August 14th at 6 PM in the Alpine B room at the Snowbird Center there will be an open house meeting in regards to proposed plans.


  • Park in the main lot areas: Main strip, Pond lot or Valet Strip
  • Walk in the main portico doors of the Snowbird Center and take the stairs to level 2.
  • Walk forward towards the Pharm-Bar and take a right towards Powder Shots
  • Walk down the hallway on your right, Alpine B room will be on your left.

Present at this meeting will be Snowbird representatives, Forest Service representatives and Troy Duffin.  Troy is the owner of Alpine Trails who Snowbird has contracted to build the proposed trails as well in the past to build hiking trails and sections of single track.  Alpine Trails has done projects all over the United States including trails at Canyons Bike Park, Solitude Resort, Deer Valley, Draper City Trails and many more.

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The purpose of this meeting is more than to just announce whats happening and show pictures of plans.  Snowbird wants and needs your input on what the riding community wants.  If you don’t show up, don’t complain when all they build is flat single track.

The USFS is very interested in helping this project too, despite the negative reputation they have for attempting to destroy trails around the Wasatch.  The USFS wants to see a large scale bike park at one of the Cottonwood resorts to cut back on environmentally hazardous trails around the Wasatch.

In addition, the Gad 2 High Speed Quad project along with adding snow making onto the Election run is all proceeding as planned and on time.  Last week, Alpine Trails began work on a piece of single track that heads down Regulator Johnson and connects to the existing lower mountain single track.

Gad 2 removal

The most exciting piece of news is in regards to Snowbird’s eventual expansion into Mary Ellen Gulch.  Snowbird hopes to have a lift to bring skiers and riders out and back into Mineral Basin utilizing the Sunday Saddle in the next few years.  In the coming days the first major physical step to that will begin.  The Path to Paradise cat track will be extended all the way around Powder Paradise, through the Hillary Step and end at the Sunday Saddle.

This is Marry Ellen Gulch, eventually lift accessible terrain.
This is Marry Ellen Gulch, eventually lift accessible terrain.

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  1. they’re taking out the hillary step?! as a relative newcomer, i even remember the days when you could score fresh bookends lines 2 days after a storm! bummer.

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