Black Diamond Issues Voluntary Recall On Carabiners and Runners

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Examples of some of the carabiners being recalled. Photo from Black Diamond Equipment.spe


Black Diamond issued a voluntary recall on specific carabiners, quickdraws, and nylon runners.  The recall says that some of their non-locking carabiners have gate rivets that may not be properly manufactured, which could result in the gate potentially becoming detached. In addition, some of the locking carabiners have locking sleeves that could have been manufactured improperly and thus may not lock properly.


To check whether your Black Diamond gear fits the recall specifications, click here.


Examples of the runners being recalled. Photo Black Diamond Equipment.


The recall also applies to specific nylon runners.  The 18mm runners that are 60cm or 120cm that were manufactured between 2014 and 2015.  To check if your Black Diamond nylon runners meet recall specifications click here.


Luckily, there haven’t been any accidents reported yet based on this gear production error.  In interest for customer safety, Black Diamond issued the voluntary recall on the products listed above.

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2 thoughts on “Black Diamond Issues Voluntary Recall On Carabiners and Runners

  1. Fortunately my crap is so old it was made pre china.
    Check your gear peeps, user responsibility and all that.
    This high pressure set up in CA means winter rock climbing is gonna b great. You know the spots have fun b safe and send hard.

  2. Another example why ‘Made in USA’ used to mean something.
    BD evolved from Chouinard equip/Great Pacific Iron Works in Ventura, after lawsuit from some chucklehead who removed climbing harness mid climb to relieve himself. Operator error did not double back buckle harness properly then fell out of harness further on climb.
    Sir Bridwell was guiding the kook and had to deal with bs that followed.
    BD used to make stuff in US then Chickitey China made costs too low to ignore. Chouinard equip was founded by Ivon Chouinard/Pacific Iron Works in Ventura and made some of the best chrome alloy pitons, angles, baby angles, knifeblades, rurps etc, that expanded the possibilities of the modern era of big wall climbing. rurp, realize ultimate reality piton.
    Chouinard also founded Patagonia equip.
    Thanks for gettin word out.

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