Black Ops Valdez Heli-Skiing is Perfectly Situated to Offer Unparalleled Alaskan Skiing Experiences

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black ops valdez, heli-skiing, valdez, alaska,
Stunning scenery. Credit: BOV

Located in the middle of the eastern legendary Chugach Mountains surrounding Valdez Alaska and Thompson Pass, Black Ops Valdez are in the prime position to offer you the ultimate in Alaskan heli-skiing.

black ops valdez, heli-skiing
Black Ops Valdez. Right in the heart of it.

With a huge operational area, over 2,500 square miles of the world’s finest mountains and glaciated terrain perfect for skiing and snowboarding, their heli-ski runs average between 3,000 and 5,000 feet on over 1000″ of snow every year.

black ops valdez, heli-skiing, alaska, robe lake lodge
The luxurious Robe Lake Lodge, in beautiful surroundings, and only 10 minutes from launch. Credit: BOV

Staying at their luxurious Robe Lake Lodge, you are a short 10-minute drive from the helicopter, your transport to skiing nirvana, and perfectly situated between their five cat skiing locations and maritime snowpack.

A maritime snowpack is wetter, sticks to steeps, forms spines and pillows, is more predictable and stable and has a lower avalanche danger than continental snowpack.

black ops valdez, heli-skiing, valdez, alaska,
Up and out in to the Chugach way more often than other operators. Credit: freethepowder

If you book a week of heli-skiing, you want to maximize every single flying hour available. Black Ops Valdez is uniquely situated to offer you just that, for a number of reasons:

black ops valdez, heli-skiing, valdez, alaska,
Wow. Credit: BOV

The major advantage Black Ops Valdez have over other Alaskan heli-ski operators is their location with regards to weather. They are located at the base of Thompson Pass on the other side of Keystone Canyon, in their own protected ‘blue hole’. The clouds clear out of there more often and sooner than anywhere else. The quicker the clouds move out, the quicker you can get in the air whilst others on the pass, or at sea-level, remain grounded. Black Ops Valdez are often able to fly away through the corridor beneath the clouds that sock in Thompson Pass, and out through the many valleys that run right to their base. They are in the perfect location for sneaking out and accessing the Chugach.

The weather can be pretty extreme in Alaska. With Black Ops Valdez you’re way more likely to get out and ride it. Credit: AK DOT

Winds regularly reach in excess of 100 mph in the wind funnel that is Thompson Pass. The location of Black Ops Valdez is such that they are able to sneak off the road corridor and out of a few different valleys from their base, flying away from the road corridor and Thompson Pass. While other operations on the pass are grounded and tied down because of these winds, with Black Ops Valdez you are up and away.

black ops valdez, heli-skiing, valdez, alaska,
Unparalleled heli-skiing experience. Credit: discovervaldezalaska

Black Ops Valdez is right in the center of their operational terrain, so everything is easily, and quickly accessible. Operators to the north have to fly over half an hour to get to their skiing, Blacks Ops’ northern border. The operators in the south have to fly north to access the southern reaches of Black Ops Valdez’s terrain. With flying hours limited, and costly, it pays to be in the center of it, right where the action is. Less flying time equals more skiing! Black Ops Valdez couldn’t be better situated.

Clear blue skies. Valdez, Alaska. Credit: Miles Clark

More centrally located. Clearer skies. Way less wind.

black ops valdez, heli-skiing, valdez, alaska,
Black Ops Valdez, perfectly located to give you an unforgettable experience. Credit: BOV

More terrain within shorter flying distances and a much higher likelihood of beating the weather and getting in the air to your powder filled dreams. Meanwhile, other operators are grounded, watching Warren Miller shred Alaska whilst Black Ops Valdez are out there doing it.

black ops valdez, heli-skiing, valdez, alaska,
To beat the weather, and make the most of your flying hours, go with Black Ops Valdez. Credit: BOV

Black Ops Valdez boasts THE best location for your ultimate heli-skiing experience.

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