Whistler, B.C. Conditions Report: Blackcomb Alpine Powder

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Sunday had some very cool filtered light while hiking up towards 7th

This last week Whistler had an an interesting mix of weather making for some fun skiing.  Thursday night was met with about 8cm of new snow on top of some hardpack and ice.  This new snow was definitely needed and brought out good skiing to be had all over the upper mountain.

Whistler View
The view looking out towards Whistler from 7th Heaven

Saturday Whistler was expected to get some rain to the top of most open runs and snow in the alpine.  It rained for a bit in the morning, but by the afternoon it was an interesting mix of fog and sun that made for nice slush and soupy skiing.

Saturday night the temperatures dropped and froze all of the fun slushy snow.  Heading up to the mountain the next day we did a couple quick laps down Jersey.  After realizing we did not yet have our full ski legs back and could not handle charging icy crud, we decided to listen to a buddy and go for a hike into the alpine.

Pow Slash
Full on winter snow up in the alpine

We hiked up to the top of 7th Heaven and found that snow just above the top of Jersey was actually really good.  The alpine had a solid amount of coverage in it, and the snow was still fresh and deep.  From the top of 7th we skied off the back of the hut towards Spanky’s Ladder.  The top third of Spanky’s held good winter snow but as we moved lower the snow started to deteriorate.  However, we all concluded that the first two turns off the top of 7th made it worth the hike, and everything from their was just a bonus.

end of run
Looking back towards Spanky’s at the end of our run.

This week is looking like it may bring Whistler back on track with a big storm hitting the mountain now until Thursday night.  Check out the forecast details below!



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