Bluebird Blitzkreig @ Kirkwood – 02/23/14

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The storm door is open and a new blanket of white is finally upon the Tahoe region. But, what was it like last Sunday? Radgnardical in my humble opinion.

I’ve been waiting for a day like this since November of 2013. The stars aligned and delivered bluebird skies, no wind, wintery snowpack, and every one of my favorite lines accessible. Its this early season snowpack (I know its late February) that really gives Kirkwood its raw feel and exhume its fun factor. Lines like Oops n Poops, Chamoix, Dan’s Cliffs, Thunder Saddle, Soul Searcher, Broadway Chute, Vista are all now finally skiable while keeping their steepest pitch yet leaving some gnar to work around. Did I mention that I was only wearing a flannel?

Carson Spur looking like winter…finally!

Talk about the single most perfect day to experience skiing in California eh?

Thimble Peak getting a tan

My son and I worked on edge control in the Ditch of Doom….

Holden getting all edgy

After around 5 laps skiing skiing Timber Creek with my boy, it was time to let him and his troop rule the mountain.

Mini-jets headed out

Now that I’m riding solo, I probably should take advantage of the mountain being 100% open….

Just past funnel chute

The Rahlves Banzai was taking place down the wall today…

3-2-1 Banzai

Norm’s Nose is one of my favorite zones and it sure didn’t disappoint…

Steep and ends in a cliff

Another lap on the Wall to check out the Lower Cirque was in order…

Lower Cirque fun zone

The Cirque still looking a bit gnar…

Kirkwood’s famous Cirque

First time of the backside this season for this skier….

Chair 4 looking gorgeous

Looking back as I traversed past the Wave….

Kirkwood’s Backside coverage

Broadway chute made my day…

Broadway chute

Grabbed a recon shot of the West Shore zone. With one more decent storm, I’d say its ready to explore every aspect.

West Shore gnar gnar

Back on Chair 6, I discovered Oops Face was still untouched

Oops n Poops

Always nice to see old friends around Kirkwood. Aaron Miller still rips around the mountain at an age OLDER THAN ME!

Mr. Miller slashing
Aaron getting some air

Sometimes its nice to finish a day with a sketchy air

Dan Cliff air

Sunset on the Delta on the drive back to reality…

Antioch Sunset

More lovely bluebird skiing photos here:

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2 thoughts on “Bluebird Blitzkreig @ Kirkwood – 02/23/14

  1. Thanks for the Kirkwood memories. I’m an aussie who patrolled three seasons in Kirkwood early nineties. Great to see the mountain again.

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