VIDEO: 50MPH Down a Mountain. In a Bouncy House. Whilst Playing Jenga…

Steven Agar |

Devin Graham aka devinsupertramp took the ‘Jenga Pass Challenge’, courtesy of Hasbro, to promote this new take on the classic game Jenga by playing in a bouncy house whilst hurtling down a mountain.

jenga, bouncy house, downhill,  hasbro, video
Yeehaw! That winning feeling when your opponent topples the tower. Credit: Hasbro

Try playing Jenga, whilst ripping down a mountain in a bouncy house, at breakneck speed. Filmed at Hudson Bay Mountain Resort in Smithers Canada.

jenga, bouncy house, downhill,  hasbro, video
Because Jenga isn’t hard enough already. Credit: Hasbro

After Jaguar cars and mountain bikes, I guess this answers the question of ‘whatever next?’.

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