British Columbia, Canada Hut Trip Report – Day 7: Out of Control Powder Skiing & More Pillows on the Last Day

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Report from December 29, 2022

Yesterday was the last day of our Christmas BC hut trip.

Day #7.

I was pretty exhausted on day #6 so I only skied 2 runs, ate a ton of food, drank a buncha water, and slept 10 hours.

This lead to me feeling pretty good on day #7.

There was sun in the morning.

Owen and I headed up to the south-facing ridgeline for some sunny powder and, of course, the sun slipped away just before we dropped in…

The skiing up high was great, though.

In the lower section, we got into some serious adventure skiing with cliffs, trees, rocks, logs, and holes everywhere…

We’d gone the wrong way…

We got through it and felt very able-bodied for doing so 🙂

From there we were able to scope out a new pillow zone.

We picked out lines and skinned up.

Follow the white rabbit… image: snowbrains

On the first run, I was too excited.

I hit 3 pillows at the top and then started to pick up speed.

And more speed.

Pillows and pillows. image: snowbrains

I ended up in a chute with a bit of snow on avalanche debris that felt like grease lightning.

Out of the chute, I got my speed under control a bit before hitting more avy debris and tight baby trees and getting going way too fast again.

“I kinda skied that kinda like a psycho!” I told Owen.

He agreed.

Owen and pillows. image: snowbrains

Back up to the top and into some complex pillows and dongers. 

So fun!

My favorite day of the trip.

We walked home at sunset happy.

It was my turn to cook and I went for an elaborate appetizer set up, then simple frozen lasagna for dinner.

I slept like a baby…


Home. image: snowbrains
Owen! image: snowbrains
Miles on high looking for sun. image: snowbrains
Sunshine. image: snowbrains
Owen in the sun. image: snowbrains
Miles in the complex pillows. image: snowbrains
Owen up. image: snowbrains
Pillows. image: snowbrains
Miles on the donger. image: snowbrains
Features. image: snowbrains
Good pillows. image: snowbrains
Miles going a bit too fast. image: snowbrains
Owen pointing to the size 3 avalanche our group triggered on Wednesday. image: snowbrains
Terrain. image: snowbrains
Sebastian cutting woods. image: snowbrains
Miles’ appetizers. image: snowbrains
Safety first! image: snowbrains
Final dinner. image: snowbrains

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