Buffalo Bills Hiring Shovelers | 220,000 Tons of Lake Effect Snow

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Do you live near the Buffalo Bills Ralph Wilson stadium?

Are you done shoveling your own driveway and are bored with nothing else to do?

If you answered YES to both questions we recommend that you give the Buffalo Bills a call at 716-636-4840.  The stadium is also willing to compensate you for your efforts as well!  They are paying any and all shovelrs $10/ Hour and free game tickets!

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“We’re looking to have 500 shovelers on site working those triple shifts,
We don’t have a minimum number. We can’t have too many people helping.”

-Buffalo Bills vice president of operations Andy Major

The stadium has been blanketed in 4ft+ coat of Lake Effect snow so far with another 1-2 feet in the forcast today and tonight, and they have a game to play on Sunday at 1 P.M.  Stadium managers estimate the total weight of all the snow to be around 220,000 Tons.  Stadium managers have said it typically takes 3 days to remove 1 foot of snow from the stadium and currently there is four times more snow to remove than they ever have had to in the week leading up to a home game.

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However not everyone is to thrilled with the Buffalo Bills’ attempt to play this weekend.  Already the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has spoken out against the stadiums attempts.

“If you asked me today, my two cents would be it’s impractical to do the game, we’ll do everything we can to deploy resources to make it possible, but now we’re focused on public safety.”

Erie County, New York officials have even spoken out saying they can make no guarantees about having police officers and other public safety resources available on game day.

“I can tell you right now, at this moment, we cannot commit to having emergency service personnel and the sheriff’s office. At this moment, I cannot commit to that on Sunday.”

-Erie County executive Mark Poloncarz

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