Burton’s Online Store Has Been Shut Down For 2 Weeks Because of a Cyber Attack

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Burton Brand Ambassador Ben Ferguson mid-air. | Picture: Burton Instagram Account

For the last 10 days, Burton Snowboards has been battling with a cyber attack targeted at its online shop, resulting on an inability to place or track orders on its corporate website. The cyber attack forced the snowboard and clothing manufacturer to cancel all orders from February 14 onwards.

The cyber attack comes in the middle of a bumper ski season on the west coast and is likely impacting sales for Burton significantly. The company is recommending to alternatively visit a physical Burton store or try their online rental program if you are in the US, which is still operational. The new rental program offers everything from clothes to boots, boards and bindings and your gear is delivered to your door with a free return shipping label.

Burton site down
Burton’s online shop is still not operational after more than 10 days | Picture: Burton Website

Burton was founded in Vermont in 1977 by Jake Burton Carpenter and has grown to become one of the leading snowboard brands in the world. The company has thousands of stores all over the world, with offices in Australia, Austria, Canada, California, China, and Japan. Jake Burton Carpenter died in 2019 after a long battle with cancer but the company remains in private hands with his wife Donna Gaston Carpenter as main shareholder. Burton has a long tradition of sponsoring many professional riders, including Shaun White, Kelly Cark, and Terje Håkonsen.

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