VIDEO: Should Californians Prepare for a Volcanic Eruption Similar to Hawaii’s?

Steven Agar |

California is known for earthquakes, but did you know we are also home to eight active volcanoes and more than 500 volcanic vents? Even Californians don’t think of their state as a volcanic country; Hawaii gets the most attention for that reports Cal OES News.

california, volcanic, volcano
Would you be ready? Credit: Cal OES News

Right now, ash clouds from Kilauea volcano has prompted a red alert on Hawaii’s Big Island. Kilauea began spewing lava through new fissures on May 3rd, and it’s been hell on earth in the Leilani Estates residential subdivision, where molten rock is shooting 100 feet into the air, accompanied by toxic gas and steam bursting through those openings in the ground created by the volcano. The US Geological Survey issued a red alert May 15th, meaning a major eruption is imminent or underway.

california, volcanic, volcano
California’s sleeping giants. Credit: Cal OES News

So, What is the likelihood of California’s volcanoes? Should we expect a disaster similar to Hawaii’s? In this encore presentation of Inside Look, we talk to the people monitoring California’s volcanoes for answers.

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