Can You Train for a Ski Marathon in 10 Days — Day 7

Julia Schneemann | LaughsLaughs
In hindsight, Till admits that schussing down the icy ramp in the underpass may have been a tad foolish. | Picture: Julia Schneemann

Day 7: We’re back!  

After a rest day yesterday, it was time for another solid training day.

In the morning we went skiing in Corviglia above St. Moritz as I was volunteering at the European Cup in Moguls. In the afternoon, Till cross-country skied back home. I think it was a tad further than he had anticipated and it ended up being a half marathon.

I would have to say that I feel confident he can make the full marathon distance.

What I am slightly less confident about is his ability to stay upright. Unfortunately, there were some more falls and he ended up limping home with his long-sleeved shirt glued to a wound on his elbow, which we had to carefully peel off.

”Just think how good my average pace would be if I just stopped falling …”

The left side keeps taking the brunt of the falls. The left thumb, elbow, and hip are pretty banged up now. There may be another rest day in order for tomorrow to allow some time to heal and another technique day on Saturday before the race on Sunday.

Course map marathon
Course map for the Engadin Ski Marathon. | Picture: Engadin Ski Marathon Website

Day 7: Training Summary 


Distance: 13.4 miles (21.4 km)

Pace: 6:43 Minute/Mile (4:42 Minute/km)

Elevation Gain: 492ft (150m)

Damage: badly banged hip, bloody elbow, and maybe a bit of dignity left on the trail

Lessons learned: ”With great speed comes great injury” — or something like that, according to Spiderman

Till cross country
Till’s Polar tracking for Day 7. | Picture: Julia Schneemann

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