Canadian Avalanche Forecast Society Has Run Out of Funds and Has Stopped Forecasting this Winter

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avalanche, British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Canada
The Facebook post yesterday. Credit: VIACS

According to a Facebook post from the Vancouver Island Avalanche Center Society (VIACS), they no longer have funding to operate until next winter so will not be producing any further forecasts this season. April 14th was the last day of their forecasting until next season.

“We have to wrap up for another year as we have come to the bottom of the piggy bank, even though there is still significant avalanche hazard out there in our spring snowpack,” the center wrote.
“Be diligent out there if you are going to take advantage of the amazing spring ski touring that the island has to offer. Wait a few days after the bigger spring snow storms, watch for rapid warming of the upper snowpack (by rising air temps, sun and even rain), and give cornices a wide berth until they fail and fall.”

The Vancouver Island Avalanche Center Society is a non-profit volunteer-run society and has been providing the service for ten years, relying solely on public donations. The center does not receive funding from either the provincial or federal government.

The Vancouver Island Avalanche Centre accepts donations online through their website as well.

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