Canadian Ski Resorts Want Piece of $1.5 Billion Recovery Plan

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ikon pass, canada, Revelstoke
Revelstoke, BC. Credit: Ikon Pass

The government of British Columbia approved $1.5 billion towards helping the economy recover from COVID-19. How will it be spent and who will receive a piece of the pie? That remains to be seen, but Canadian ski resorts want to make sure they have a spot at the table.

37 ski resorts can be found in British Columbia, ranging from well-known resorts like Whistler Blackcomb and Revelstoke to lesser-known areas like Kimberly and Red Mountain. No matter how big or small, these ski resorts combine to generate over $2 billion annually for the economy and over $121 million in direct tax revenue for British Columbia.

Canada West Ski Areas Association
Canada West Ski Areas Association. Photo Credit: CWSAA

Canada West Ski Areas Association (CWSAA), led by President and CEO Christopher Nicolson, is helping lead the charge for British Columbia’s ski resorts. He wants to ensure the funds aren’t solely directed to municipalities across British Columbia, and that ski resorts have the opportunity to apply for recovery funding.

Ski resorts play a major role in the local economies. For most towns, ski resorts are the largest employer and provide the town with an economic base. They create local jobs and provide recreation for the local community and tourists alike. Ski resorts also often act as a municipality, managing roads, sewers, utilities, housing, etc. for the benefit of their local economy.

“These are year-round, full-time, career kinds of professions that people migrate to. The resorts go far beyond just a four-month seasonal ski lift operation.”

– Christopher Nicolson, President & CEO of CWSAA

With the winter season just months away, ski resorts will have to be quick on their feet this winter. Travel restrictions, visa issues, social distancing guidelines, health precautions, and more will have ski resorts shifting operations to meet different demands in these uncertain times. No matter how big or small a ski resort is, they contribute in more ways than we know. Only time will tell, but hopefully, British Columbia and their ski resorts can come together on a mutually beneficial solution.

British Columbia
Ski resorts of British Columbia. Photo Credit: travel&co.

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