Candide Thovex Teases Image of Prototype Skis

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Protos. Credit: Facebook

After Faction and Candide Thovex went their separate ways earlier this year, Candide yesterday teased the next evolution of his ski career.

In a social media post, he shared an image of a rack of skis with the caption “protos.”

Candide collaborated with Faction for ten years and the two ‘split’ amicably. At the time he said, “after 10 years of partnership, I feel it is time for a fresh start.”

In December 2020 he launched Candide Collection, his own outerwear company, accessory, and goggle company. After leaving Faction, his own ski line seems the next logical progression.

The post poses more questions than it answers; who is building these, is there another partner, and when will they ship? I guess we’ll find out soon enough. In the meantime, check out the video below of all his best ski moments.

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