Cannabis Legalization Makes Progress in Wyoming, USA

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Wyoming cannabis legalization
Cannabis is closer to legalization in Wyoming. Credit: Shelby Ireland

The state of Wyoming just got one step closer to legalizing recreational cannabis. Last week, the House Judiciary Committee voted 6-3 in favor of advancing House Bill 209.

House Bill 209 would allow businesses to produce and sell cannabis in Wyoming-based operations and allow people aged 21 or older to possess and cultivate the plant in limited quantities. Bill 209 would also set a 30% retail tax on all cannabis sales. Financial forecasts estimate the bill will earn around $48 million annually in revenue for the state of Wyoming. Roughly two-thirds of the tax revenue would be allocated to schools, while the other third would trickle down to the state’s towns and counties.

Wyoming cannabis
There has been a push to legalize cannabis in Wyoming. Credit:

The bill comes during a push for cannabis legalization and decriminalization across the country. The plant is federally classified as a Schedule I drug. However, research has found it to have several medicinal uses. States across the nation have legalized cannabis for either medicinal or recreational purposes, while Wyoming is one of six states where it is completely illegal.

Wyoming may join other United States ski destinations as a cannabis-friendly state. Mountain resorts in states such as Colorado, California, Nevada, and Oregon have already experienced cannabis regulation. Legalization could attract more business to Wyoming’s mountain towns.

How might cannabis legalization affect Wyoming skiers? Ski slopes have already seen an increase in cannabis use on the slopes, which will surely apply to Wyoming mountains. However, legalization will also increase access for skiers and riders to utilize the plant’s recovery benefits for athletes. Skiers can use it to relieve aches and pains and achieve restful sleep to wake up recovered for another day on the mountain. No matter how you use it, be sure to always use cannabis responsibly.

Wyoming cannabis
State cannabis legislation and the ski industry could benefit each other. Credit: Max Kramer

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