Legendary Australian Freeski Magazine Chillfactor Launches Kickstarter to Get 21st Annual Issue to Print

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From deep in the mountains, another issue full of timeless stories.

Legendary Australian freeski magazine Chillfactor has put out an eagerly awaited issue every year for the last 20-years and has one in the works for this year. However, with the current global situation, they are struggling for the finances upfront to pay for the print run so are turning to you, the freeskiing public for help. Check out their Kickstarter to donate, help them out, and also receive a copy of this awesome once-a-year magazine. They are currently at 88% of their target and your donation will help push them over the line.

Chillfactor magazine has been at the heart of freeskiing in Australia for over 20 Queen’s birthday weekends.

The 2020 publication will be the 21st issue of a magazine that has been celebrating, fostering, and stoking Australian freeskiing culture since 2000.  But this milestone issue will only be published this year with the support of its people.

Like a blizzard, how fast the world has changed. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the snow industry hard. Most companies that advertise in Chillfactor can’t this year.  Many face a huge dip in trade and are trying to survive, facing an uncertain winter.  As we launch this campaign we don’t know how the Australian ski season will look.  Will the lifts turn? Will we be free to travel?

The easy answer would be not to publish a magazine this year.  But when has the easy answer ever led to anything worthwhile?

The 21st cover. Anton Grimus in Alaska.


The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting shutdowns are affecting everyone around the planet, and the Australian ski industry is struggling right now. The businesses that normally advertise in Chillfactor and help us cover the printing bill are all in hibernation and hanging on while we ride out this storm.

So this year it is going to be up to you, the reader, the goggle-tanned frother who can’t wait for the first line up on Kozi, HV, Summit, Bull Run or Mt P.  Those of you that call yourself Australian skiers, we need YOU to help if you want us to print the mag you know and love this year.

It’s simple. Buy your mag early so we can cover the upfront costs of printing.  If we reach our target we will go to print and have the mag in your mailbox by early July.  Just as the snow really starts to kick in.

Be a fiend. Show your support and get your selfie in the mag.

The team has already been working over the past year gathering stories, shooting inspiring images, and capturing those moments that are serious page-turners.

Communities are created by stories. And we are ready to make sure that in this year, when we need to feel the connection of our community more than ever, Chillfactor will be there.

We’ve created some cool options if you’d like to be part of the magazine – literally IN THE PAGES  of this special issue – and some unique rewards we hope you’ll enjoy.

Thank you for being, thank you for skiing and thank you for caring about Australian ski culture. 

Please share with friends, fiends, and family.

Show your support and let everyone know where you ski and what you love.

Risks and challenges

It’s no secret many print magazines are going online or even going under. However, Chillfactor has maintained a loyal following who enjoy the feel of a beautiful magazine in their hands. If that continues we will continue to rise to meet that demand. We believe there is a place for quality content, for stories well told, for beautiful images and yes, for advertising from products and places that inspire us. This pandemic has created a historic moment that may see much change in the world. Some things however we hope might remain. The lure of the mountains, the connection between people who share a passion for sliding on snow, and the human desire to tell and listen to stories. In addition to our print publication, the Chillfactor team is committed to creating great online content, email newsletters, and events.

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