Colorado Now Has a Third In-N-Out

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InNOut Counter
In-N-Out opening a third location in Colorado is just a start. The company has already announced a 4th location in Lakewood. Photo courtesy of Evan Semón/CBS

A third In-N-Out opened today in Lone Tree, CO, just south of Denver. Along with two other In-N-Out restaurants that opened in November of 2020. One in Aurora, just west of Denver. With the other north of Colorado Springs near the Air Force Academy.

Fans of the Double-Double and Animal-Style fries can rejoice with additional locations mainly because anyone who’s gone to an In-N-Out outside California knows about the lines. Not that California In-N-Out doesn’t have lines, but they’re continuing the traditional long lines out-out-state.

The new location has been working with city officials to publicize drive-thru access. Unlike many fast-food burger joints, you can’t just roll up to the parking lot. Instead, at the new Lone Tree location, you have to park in the old Sears parking lot off Yosemite. Here at the off-site location, you will be put in an order queue.

drive plan
A diagram made by the City of Lone Tree. Where you can see a clear traffic path meant to avert massive traffic issues.

Creating a plan to deal with crowds ahead of time was smart. When In-N-Out opened the first two locations, issues arose with traffic, where many people waited outside for hours before opening. The drive-thru creating lines that wrapped around surrounding streets, obstructing traffic flows. Before it was ended by police when wait times rose to over 12 hours.

Robert Dumont will be managing the new location with 18 years of experience working at In-N-Out. Similar to the other two locations the restaurant will employ approximately 80 people. Along with providing indoor and outdoor seating for 74 patrons, once dining becomes available again after COViD. Open from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Line outside
Here at the new In-N-Out in Lone Tree, people waited in massive lines where police had to come and mark the last car in line who would wait 14 hours to be served. Photo courtesy of KDVR/Fox.

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